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The BYU chapter of PRSSA is dedicated to fostering an environment where students may connect with influential professionals, as well as develop strategic communications skills they need to make a positive difference in society.

Our chapter meets each month during Fall and Winter Semester. We want every member to be actively engaged in our chapter. Members are encouraged to join one of the many committees to gain experience and help our chapter grow and develop.



4 Lessons from an award-winning public relations Student
December 8, 2018
Success doesn’t come easy. It must be worked for, fought for and earned. But for Colin Wylie, success has come through his dedication to the public relations industry. Wylie’s dedication
Empty of inspiration: how to overcome creator’s block
Empty of inspiration: how to overcome creator’s block
November 29, 2018
Blank. That all-too familiar feeling. Tapping your fingers on the desk and staring down that empty white page in front of you, as empty as your brain. What do you do when the great...
Make your PR degree do more for you
Make your PR degree do more for you
November 19, 2018
The world of public relations is ever changing. Gone are the days where a degree would restrict one’s professional career. Three industries have more overlap than most may realize. Publi
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Member Benefits

Exclusive access to internships and jobs

Look for jobs and internships with PRSA Jobcenter and PRSSA Internship Center.

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Find mentors and learn from the best

Access to PRSSA’s extensive BYU PR Alumni database, PRSA membership directory and find a mentor with Champions for PRSSA.

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Attend events across the country

Events & networking opportunities with guest speakers, faculty and other students. This includes the local chapter events, regional conferences and any national events like National Conference and National Assembly.

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Expand your skills with hand’s on learning

Build your portfolio and have your writing published or develop skills in all of the Adobe programs.

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More than $30,000 in scholarships are awarded annually
Enough said.
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