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Leadership & Committees


Eleanor Woon



Courtney Nelson

Vice President

Firm Committee

The firm committee utilizes the skills and principles learned in the classroom to create PR campaigns for organizations on the community. The committee is responsible for finding and selecting the organization that they would like to work for. The committee creates a campaign and is responsible for implementation of the strategies and tactics. The firm should choose a cause members are passionate about and that will build positive relationships in the community.


Emma Gore

Firm Director

Media & Publications

The Media & Publications committee manages all chapter social media accounts and the chapter website. The committee strives to create an online community where members, alumni, and professionals can connect. Additionally, the group oversees the creation of videos and blog posts.


Allegra Sturdevant

VP of Digital Media

Events & Finance

The Events & Finance committee manages the planning and realization of every event hosted by the chapter. Events can include, but are not limited to, general meetings, special events, workshops, and trainings. The group makes sure important event items are handled well in advance (venue, meeting time, theme, food, ect.). The committee is also responsible for ensuring sufficient funds are available for efficient chapter operation. Channels through which the chapter receives sponsorships to fund its operation (membership dues, external sponsorships, ect.) and looking for fundraising opportunities are also led by this team.


Bridget Quain

VP of Events & Finance

Professional Development

The Professional Development committee emphasizes the importance of professionalism. The team provides credible opportunities to BYU chapter members to enhance their resumes, expand their networks, and improve their professional skills. This includes, but is not limited to, internship opportunities, PRSA luncheons and recruiter fairs. The team is responsible for facilitating the connection between students and professionals. They foster and maintain relationships with local chapters, PR agencies, and non-profit organizations.


Ashlyn Thompson

VP of Professional Development

Membership, Diversity & Inclusion

The Membership, Diversity & Inclusion committee communicates PRSSA benefits to paid members of the organization and promotes benefits to potential members. The team also ensures that everyone who interacts with BYU PRSSA has a positive experience. This committee contributes to the future growth and expansion of the BYU chapter. This is done by conducting research and identifying potential issues before they become problems.


Isabella Hwang

VP of Membership, Diversity & Inclusion