The events committee plans and helps to execute each event hosted by the chapter. They make sure important event items are handled well in advance (venue, meeting times, themes and food etc.) and coordinates with other committees to handle more specific event details (schedule, script, displays, etc.). Each event must be meticulously planned and rehearsed in advance to ensure its desired outcome.

this year’s VP: Maddy French


Maddy is a Senior in the PR program from Orange County, California.  She’s a spin instructor and loves surfing, sports, hiking, kayaking and fishing.  Her spontaneous and fun-loving personality make her perfect to run PRSSA’s events. Maddy’s strengths include networking, writing and editing.  This year, she wants to get students involved with PRSSA activities in order to help them meet people that will help them succeed in the future.  Most of all, she wants to make it a fun year!