Digital Media

this year’s VP: Shannon Baird


Shannon Baird, a Senior in the PR program, is the most positive and upbeat person you’ll ever meet!  She hails from Brigham City, Utah and loves strategic thinking to solve and prevent crisis.  She’s exceptional at graphic design, research and writing.  Shannon has honed her PR skills working with EKR Agency,, Walt Disney World and BYU Graduate Studies. She hopes one day to work with LDS Public Affairs and be the best soccer mom there is.  Shannon is half Chilean and can put her feet behind her head (one of many unlisted skills on her resume!)  Her goals for the Digital Media committee are to improve personal social media accounts to impress employers, learn how to run business social media accounts, and create resumes of content produced for PRSSA.  Hit her up for anything you want to learn about digital media!


Twitter: @shannycecilia