Campus Relations

The Campus and Community Service committee utilizes the skills and principles learned in the classroom to create PR campaigns for non-profit organizations and/or campus organizations. The committee is responsible for finding and selecting the non-profit or campus organization that they would like to work for at the beginning of the semester. The committee creates a campaign from the matrix and follows through with the campaign. They are divided into social media, events, finance and media relations sub-committees for the implementation of strategies and tactics (these are subject to change depending on project). If they are raising money for an organization, this can only be completed during BYU’s Care Week. This committee should choose a cause they are passionate about and use their PR talents to impact society for good (not to mention their resumes and portfolios).

this year’s VP: Lauren Holbrook



Lauren Holbrook is a senior in the PR program from Lake Zurich, Illinois.  She loves cheese, road trips, and horseback riding!  Lauren’s got an eye for strategy and has intentions to help her committee create and execute awesome campaigns around campus this year.  If you’re looking for an internship, Lauren has tons of connections in Utah County and can also help proofread any papers you send her way.

Still not convinced of her amazingness?  Lauren has worked with Y-Serve, the Fredette Family Foundation, Innovation Simple, Decision Wise, Student Alumni and BYU Athletics Communications! Her big heart is ready to help anyone who is ready to succeed! Believe me, she’s had three heart transplants.