BYU PRSSA wins top awards at National Conference


AUSTIN, Texas – The BYU Public Relations Student Society of America earned two coveted Dr. F.H. Teahan Chapter awards at the 2018 PRSSA National Conference in Austin. Teahan chapter awards recognize outstanding achievement of PRSSA chapter in 12 different categories and is the highest recognition awarded by the society.

“We worked hard to get these awards,” BYU PRSSA Chapter President Parker Strong said. “The Community Service award in particular is a big mark for BYU PRSSA. Our work on behalf of non-profits really helped us stand out.”

Amongst over 300 PRSSA chapters around the nation, BYU won for its excellence in Community Service and for the Chapter Website. This is the first time in program history to win two Teahan awards at a single conference and the Cougars’ third year in a row earning a Teahan.

Along with the chapter’s excellent performance, Colin Wylie, a senior at BYU, was the recipient of National Golden Key Award, the highest honor a PRSSA member can receive. The award recognizes a student’s display of outstanding academic excellence in public relations and leadership qualities within their PRSSA Chapter. He was also the recipient of a National President’s Citation, the Robin M. Urbanski Memorial Scholarship and the Axia Public Relations Scholarship.

“I am humbled and honored to be included alongside past recipients of these awards, but I couldn’t have received them without a lot of help,” Wylie said. “Members of PRSSA around the country and at BYU have become a part of my extended family and I am grateful for the opportunities the organization provides for students.”

Students worked together to form a on local community campaign to promote organ donation in the annual National Organ Donor Awareness Competition (NODAC). With their one-day event, Celebrate LYFE campaign, the students achieved 11,048 media impressions through their efforts and 400 attendees to their promotional booth. The chapter also worked with the nonprofit, Operation Underground Railroad to create monthly social media listening reports and produce blog content for their website.

In his final year of school, Wylie now serves as a Regional Ambassador for the 17 PRSSA chapters in the western United States. He currently works as a Public Relations Coordinator for the BYU Department of Design. He and his wife look forward to the next big opportunities to come after graduation in April.

See here for the requirements for each award and scholarship.

Images courtesy of PRSSA

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