Meeting – Nov. 2

On Wednesday (Nov. 16), Senior Vice President of Operations of Coltrin and Associates Jennifer Webb spoke to BYU PRSSA to offer insight into agency life.


“Does the idea of a ‘war room’ sound fun? Do you like life fast-paced?” asked Webb.  If so, she said, working in a PR agency may be the right choice for you.


Webb explained that work life at a PR agency is different from other jobs because work at an agency is never a 9 to 5 job.  “You run as fast as you can with your hair on fire and get done what you need to get done,” says Webb.  “When a crisis pops up, you have to address it immediately.”


Webb cited one of the quotes hanging in her office to describe her work life: “If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.”


For some, it may not sound like fun, but Webb affirmed that each day kept her on her toes.  “You learn how to react in different situations,” she said.  “When to put up a fight, and when to sit on your hands, do nothing, and wait it out.”


Though agency life is fast-paced and sometimes hectic, it’s also rewarding to see the change it brings for your client, as evidenced in Webb’s large resume of successful branding and client projects.


– Lindsey Trendler, BYU PR Major

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